Hello again. The vast majority of the material currently on this site was shot in Yellowstone National Park. I spend much time there as well as in Glacier Park. I call north Idaho home these days and relocated here from Palmer Alaska in 1997. While I miss the Alaskan wilderness, the Pacific Northwest is a spectacular place to live.

In case you may be wondering a bit about myself, I spent the early years of my life in the Midwest, outdoors as often as possible. I still recall my dad taking me into the woods of northwest Wisconsin and northern Minnesota, teaching me about the whitetail, black bear and timber wolves. I also recall getting pretty jazzed at seeing one set of bear tracks in a year back then.

The good news is wildlife has increased for the most part across this great nation and while I still get jazzed at a set of bear tracks, I am very fortunate to see many bears in a year. Naturally, I developed a passion for capturing wildlife on film that I was so often seeking out, and after relocating to Alaska in the late 1980's I was exposed to some truly remarkable experiences. After securing a permit to the McNeil River I was completely hooked! I now call north Idaho home and frequent the Pacific Northwest mountains and backwoods as often as possible. I continue to be as excited and enthusiastic today as I was as a child to spend my time in the outdoors. I enjoy sharing my experiences and photos with others and that spurred me to create this site.

I enjoy taking photos of all types of wildlife, though I find myself particularly attracted to the predators of North America. I am continually updating my site with new content, so please stop back often for updates, and I hope you find a photo or two that motivates you as well. Please enjoy all the photos and I look forward to sharing more soon!

Thanks again for visiting and I hope you enjoy our photos.

Rick Edwards